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Acupuncture has been in practice for over 2000 years in China, as front-line medicine. Currently, in Western society, acupuncture is gaining ground in its uses as a medical practice, and as a holistic alternative to modern medicine.

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting filiform (solid and fine) needles into the body to elicit a therapeutic response. The National Institute for Health Research has found Acupuncture to be more effective than sham treatment and the usual pharmaceutical care for some chronic pain.

The application of acupuncture can be approached from a multitude of angles utilizing a number of diagnostic and treatment systems. Treatments can include micro-systems that include the hands, scalp and ears. Electro-stimulation can be applied to the needles to restore function to muscle or increase the therapeutic effect of the acupuncture point selected.

The Acupuncture Evidence Project presents research of acupuncture having positive effect for the following conditions: Headache (chronic tension and chronic episodic), Migraine prophylaxis (prevention), Knee osteoarthritis, Low back pain, Allergic rhinitis, Post-operative pain, Post-operative nausea and vomiting, and Chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting.


Moxibustion is the practice of burning a herb (Mugwort) over or directly onto the skin. It is utilised in many ways and generally in combination with an acupuncture treatment. Moxibustion can be used to: strengthen or aid in the building of the body's natural resources, put warmth into the body, invigorate and move blood, draw heat out of the body, calm the spirit and reinforce the parasympathectic nervous system (Rest and Digest), and stimulate the body's immune system. 

Chinese Herbal medicine:

Acu By Sean utilises a range of Chinese Herbal formulae that are produced in Australia. This classic formula range includes 9 different blends, to target a range of internal ailments. These products are of the highest quality available, being certified by the TGA they are held to Australian standards of quality control. 

No fillers, just quality herbs!

Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a treatment that involves the use of a slender instrument scraped along the skin and muscles to provide a therapeutic effect. The treatment has been proven to increase blood flow to the area treated, clear cellular debris that’s built up within the tissue, and helps the body recycle any stored toxicity by increasing local white blood cell counts.

It is a very effective treatment to loosen muscular tissue, increasing flexibility and range of movement, repairs tissue damage and improves the quality and quantity of circuiting blood. The immediate effects of this treatment can be directly felt in the muscular tissue and has been found to last up to 120hours post application.

Tui Na

Traditional Chinese medical (remedial) massage - Tui Na operates with the same medical foundations as acupuncture. Instead of inserting fine needles, Tui Na works from the therapists hands.

With skillful application the Tui Na therapist is able to restore balance in the muscular-skeletal system, provide relaxation, and affect multiple ailments that afflict internal systems; stimulating digestive function and immunity, regulating hormones, and opening areas of restricted blood flow.

Tui Na can be applied to warm the body, invigorate your bodies energies and senses, and calm the spirit. Utilising Chinese medical theory Tui Na is a strong platform from which to affect the balance of the musculo-skeletal system; working with the entire chains of muscles and the corresponding viscera.


Cupping works like a massage in reverse. Instead of pushing muscle into bone to release muscle fibres, cupping works by separating all the layers of skin, fascia and muscle. Cupping will draw toxins and cellular debris out of the cells and into the extracellular fluid (fluid outside of the cells) for recycling. The suction effect not only draws out nasties, but it also pulls blood through the area being cupped. Increasing local blood supply has the added effect of increasing the amount of local white blood cells, clearing up all of the waste pulled out of the cells. Cupping is also effective in the treatment of tight muscles and stiff joints, and can be applied in many different ways: stationary cupping, wet cupping, flame cupping, slide cupping and flash cupping. 

After a session there may be colour marks where the cups have been placed on the body, similiar to the marks found after a Gua Sha treatment. It is important to note that these marks are not due to tissue damage, they are not bruises. 

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